Hepatitis C increases risk of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer cases are starting to grow, and your dentist in Chandler Arizona might have noticed it, especially in those that are infected with hepatitis C virus, and often, those that have that are twice as likely to face oral cancer in the mouth. Often, people don’t even realize the consequences of this, and for many people, they might just view this as an STD, but in fact, it can cause a whole lot more issues than most would know about.

Now, hepatitis C is something that you get through infected blood, sharing needles, drugs, and often, it can be gotten through sexual conduct. However, most of the time, it is gotten through needles and sharing and contact of infected blood. Now, most people will have this for the rest of their life, and they can’t get rid of it. do you know why? It’s because it directly effects of the liver, and most don’t even realize it until this happens. The symptoms are fatigue, fever, a complete loss of appetite sickness, muscle and joint pains, vomiting, abdominal pain, and weight loss. Now this is a virus infection, and because of this, it can lead to various other problems, such as oral cancer, and this will put you at an extra cautious level for this, especially in the oral cavity and the throat region.

Now if you have hepatitis C, you should talk to your doctor immediately. You might not even know that you have it, and often, it needs to be addressed immediately. To do otherwise, actually leads to a progression to oral cancer, so it is very important.

If you do this right away, you’ll be able to find out just how much of this you can prevent in yourself, but even if you don’t have this, it’s good to know of the risks of HCV infection, since there are increased risks that can be seen and you might notice that you might have to track your health issues a whole lot more if you need to, especially if you’re at risk for this.

Now, there are various support networks, information, and some treatments that can help with the situation, but an early diagnosis is critical for this. This is mainly because it can often affect the mouth and the liver, and if you know what the major warning signs and symptoms are, you can increase the survival rate of yourself and your body.

Now, if you do have this, or are unsure if you have it, there are a few warning signs to look out for. Some of the signs include lumps and swellings in the head or neck area, or even some red and white patches on the mouth. If you have mouth ulcers that don’t go away after a few weeks, then you should see your doctor right away. If they don’t go away after a bit of time, definitely do see them. It is also good to see your dentist as well.

The reason why, is that it has been associated with oral problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and even there are instances of saliva production because of these problems. Not to mention, there is the incidence of oral cancer to think about as well. You should definitely go to a dental professional or even some medical profession in order to find out if you are suffering from this, so that you can reduce your risk of oral cancer because of this.

At the end of the day, you should go see a professional for these issues, and you should do so immediately. The dentist in Chandler Arizona that you will see will be able to help you with this, and they can help you find a doctor that will assist you with this as well. There are many ways to figure out how to treat this before it affects other parts of the body, and it is your responsibility to see someone and rectify the problem almost immediately, or else you’re going to hurt yourself a whole lot more. Do this for yourself, so that you’re able to live a healthy and better life.